Filtration and dewatering on rotary vacuum filter with ECOFILTER® precoating




·         Filtration of lightly laden industrial and agribusiness effluents / rinsing and cleaning water / sewage and sludges.

·         Dewatering of biological or settling sludge / refinery oils / mining and steel industry sludge.


Cross-section of the rotary vacuum filter :

The vacuum is created inside the drum which spins around. Thus, in the submerged part of the drum, a quantity of water and suspended matter is sucked onto the screen.
Then in the emergent part of the drum, the water is sucked into the cavity whilst the suspended matter is held up on the screen. The sludge is thus separated from its liquid phase, thereby obtaining a dewatered sludge.

At each rotation, this dewatered sludge found trapped at the surface of the screen must be removed. For this, a scraper blade placed along the length of the drum removes the layer of sludge, which is then sent into a skip.



-                Easy use of the  ECOFILTER® pre-coating

-               Reduction in consumption of filter aid (up to 50% compared with standard additives).

-                Decrease in the volume of waste.

-               Higher dryness values of filter cakes.

-                Good performance in removing colour, chrome, etc.

-                Reducing SS, COD and BOD. 



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